What is MyMachine?

MyMachine embodies a unique methodology for creativity and education-based entrepreneurship. The MyMachine program encourages all educational levels to build ‘dream machines’ entirely dreamt up by elementary school kids. It’s both very serious and a lot of fun at the same time.

University Students manage the process from start to finish. But throughout the process it is the children who have the creative and decisive role in the realization of their own dream machine.


So what happens once the inventions are ready? First we present everything, from drawings, mock-ups etc. to the working prototype in a please-do-touch exhibition to be discovered by all the kids, students and the broad public. After that, each of the working prototypes go back to the concerned elementary school to be on display. Who knows – maybe some of the ideas will actually become commercially viable products?

MyMachine Norway is lead and administrated by Centre for Young Arts at the University of Agder. The project is funded by the foundation Cultiva.

Partners – MyMachine Norway

Center of Young Arts, University of Agder


Faculty of Engineering and Science, UiA

Vitensenteret Sørlandet, Science Center



MyMachine is a Belgian initiative that is constantly growing. Today it has become a global concept used in different regions around the world. MyMachine has until now initiated in eight countries (Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal, Slovakia, France, Norway, South Africa and USA) and is thus represented on three continents. MyMachine Global works with many partners and institutions to further develop the concept, including creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson, Hank Nourse at New York Academy of Sciences, The Harvard Graduate School of Education, the United Nations, UNESCO, etc.