Welcome to the MyMachine exhibition at the 19th of june!
An exiting project has been going on the last six months involving both big and small students in Kristiansand and Grimstad. The first cycle of MyMachine Norway has been realized – and we’re celebrating the result with a grand exhibition in collaboration with Sommer i Kilden

The progress this spring has been:

Early this semester four happy students from the faculty of engineering and science at the University of Agder campus Grimstad went out to three schools in Kristiansand. The goal was to collect ideas for four machines the world has never seen before. They definitely got their ideas! The elementary schools contributed with some great challenges for our MyMachine team, and during februar and march the students worked hard to figure out how the following machines could be realized:


The first round of MyMachine Norway has been conducted in double pace compared to a normal school year cycle. The students from Kvadraturen Skolesenter building the machines, was therefore included in the project at a much earlier time than they normally would have been. All the contributing participants have been in close contact during the creative prosess – and in april they all met at campus Grimstad to inspect the temporary results of the machines, and trough a process exhibition give their feedback.

Now the result is final, and we are really proud! Kilden theatre and concerthall are joining us for the grand opening of the exhibition at the end of this school year. At the end everybody can go on holiday with clear conscience 😀

Come join us – maybe there will be some ice-cream for you as well? 

The exhibition will open at 13:00 in the Kilden foyer!

Foto: Inger Margrethe Stoveland, Siri Sødahl