Progress on Go Robin-machine


So it  passed some time after my last update and today I will give you a quick review about what I was busy with.

First, I did some changes on Robin’s design. I made a longer beak and an extra beak that can be attached if needed.

Then I got quite powerful but small suction pump. Which I connected to simple  9V battery and ON/OFF switch.  Next move was  to print out a frame that would hold everything in place.





Now the bird it self is more or less done.  Parts when assembled stays locked it ant it has quite good suction for smaller object.

The next part i was to solve ground section problem, or to find the right way to operate Robin on the ground. Solution was Mbot robot which can be controlled both with remote IR controller and with a phone app. I needed to modify it that it could hold and drive stably but at the same time be easy to reattach. Some 3D printed parts, glues and powerful  magnets did the jobb.

I would say that good progress was made but stil there is loots of work to do. I will keep you updated!