Programming og mounting


A couple of things have happened since the last update!

Today Diego and I have been working on the projects.
We got som parts today, and finally I could start to really work on the programming.
The block on the rail where the arm is later to be attached are finally able to move!

There is still som challenges with the to rails mounted. They are not 100% alike, and this makes the motor to weak to push the block over the joint part.
I’m trying to rub them down and in that way make them a perfect fit, but it’s a lot harder than you would think.

Here is some more pictures from the day:


I by the way went to visit Hennig Olsen a couple of weeks ago, and was able to look at their great machines and the different types of ice-cream.
Here I got a lot of tips and tricks which I will bring along in developing of the machine.

I am really looking forward to more work and the feedback from you in a couple of weeks 🙂