The Go-Robin concept

After a meeting with Kristiansand international school I can say that those kids are really creative and present quite a challenge! But that is just wonderful. So now I took some time to throw all ideas around and like a puzzle tried to put everything back together to make it work.

The key things of my Go-Robin is pretty straightforward: it has to be a bird, quit small, that could work as a vacuum cleaner both on surface and in air. Here we can incorporate add-ons principle and make one section for the ground tasks one for in air tasks. The bird itself is going to work as a vacuum cleaner separately.

The ground section would be a robot model that could carry a Robin along the way while it would do the cleaning.

The air section is going to include a controlled drone which could be attached to the Robin and help to clean elevated surfaces that are hard to reach


Even dough it sounds straightforward, there are couple problems to be considered. Such as attaching the bird to add-ons, keeping it stable, and getting enough suction to clean and enough power for drone to make it fly.  I am quite sure I am going to find more challenges along the way.

Despite that here I have couple of drawings and a video of The Go-Robin Machine as how I thing it could look and work. That’s the concept that I going to try to follow but changes may occur in development process and it’s not for sure that it would be 100% like that.

I have ordered the most parts and my next step is try to print Robin model with 3D-printer. Can’t wait for that! Stay tuned for more updates!